Thursday, February 24, 2011

Re-Installing Terminal Enhancements

This tutorial will guide you through completely re-installing Terminal Enhancements.

First, open up a Terminal window (howto located here:
Then type in it:

sudo bash /usr/lib/te/

Follow the instructions.
Then once it is finished, type in:

sudo dpkg -l te && sudo dpkg -r te
[ -d /usr/lib/te ] && sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/te

Read the README.
Follow the instructions.
Then restart your Terminal.
Then you should be able to finally use TE!

If all of the above didn't have any problems, but after you restart your Terminal, you cannot type in any TE commands, try typing this in the Terminal window:

source ~/.profile
source /etc/profile

Then try a command such as:

techeck && echo 'It works!'